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Hello! My name is Den. This blog is going to cover a range of dental topics. I am not a dentist or a dental nurse but I have recently undergone a lot of dental treatment. This treatment has given me a great insight into the world of dentistry and I would like to share everything I have learnt with you here. Last year, I developed terrible pain in my mouth. I was diagnosed with severe tooth decay. The dentist removed the problem teeth and then inserted false ones in their place. He also whitened my teeth to improve my smile. I hope you find my blog useful.


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Understanding Today's Choices for Braces

by Myrtle Banks

Both teens and adults may wear braces to fix the alignment of their teeth, but today there are many more choices for braces than ever before. Of course your orthodontist can advise you on the style that is best for your teeth in particular, but understanding a bit about those choices can help you to know what to expect, and how to talk to him or her about your preferences.

Note the following choices for braces and why they're different than standard metal braces that were often used in the past:

1. Lingual braces

These braces go behind the teeth rather than in front. They're often chosen because they're invisible, so a person doesn't need to worry about their appearance when they choose lingual braces. However, it's good to note that they can interfere with speech, as they may get in the way of the natural movement of the tongue.

They can also cause irritation to any areas of the mouth that come into contact with the metal. Not all orthodontists are trained in the installation and tightening of lingual braces, so if you prefer this type, you may need to find a specialist.

2. Viazi brackets

These brackets have a special shape to them so that they move the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time. This can greatly reduce the time for which they're worn, as traditional braces move the crown of the teeth in the first year and then the roots in the next year. Viazi brackets are sometimes called fast braces because of how quickly they work.

3. Ceramic brackets

The advantage of ceramic brackets is that they are the same color as your teeth, so they're virtually invisible. They can also be a good choice for those who are bothered by the nickel or other metal that is typically used for standard braces.

4. "Social six" braces

Social six braces refers to braces that are just placed on the front teeth alone. These are the teeth that typically affect the look of your smile, and aligning them can be done for cosmetic purposes alone. If you don't need your teeth aligned for orthodontic health, you can use these partial braces to quickly and easily align your front teeth. This can mean less discomfort as only these six teeth are being nudged into place. These braces are also typically more affordable than braces that are placed on the entire mouth.

To learn more, contact a company that can help you understand what braces in your mouth can do for you.