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Hello! My name is Den. This blog is going to cover a range of dental topics. I am not a dentist or a dental nurse but I have recently undergone a lot of dental treatment. This treatment has given me a great insight into the world of dentistry and I would like to share everything I have learnt with you here. Last year, I developed terrible pain in my mouth. I was diagnosed with severe tooth decay. The dentist removed the problem teeth and then inserted false ones in their place. He also whitened my teeth to improve my smile. I hope you find my blog useful.


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3 Weird Ways to Whiten Your Teeth With Fruit

by Myrtle Banks

If you've been following health trends over the past few years, you've probably heard about the surprising negative effects of fruit time and time again. In terms of dental health, the naturally-occurring sugars and acids can cause cavities and damage your teeth. However, if you're a fruit-fan, don't worry - it's not all bad. There are actually some fruits that can make your pearly whites whiter when used in the right way. While a visit to your cosmetic dentist is the quickest way to get a brighter smile, several fruit-based treatments can whiten your teeth with long-term use. Take a look at these 3 weird fruity whitening solutions and see what works for you.

Strawberry Stain Solution If you're a wine, coffee, or tea enthusiast, you may have noticed your teeth becoming stained over the years. Strawberries could be your solution. These little red fruits contain a natural substance called malic acid. In high quantities, malic acid can erode your enamel and damage your teeth. However, use it correctly, and it could dissolve those stubborn stains. Mash 2-3 strawberries together with a pinch of baking soda and use the mixture as toothpaste. After a few minutes of brushing, rinse with water and mouthwash to protect your enamel, then floss away any lingering seeds. Using this trick a few times a month should keep stains at bay.

Brightening Banana Buffer Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. Not only are these minerals great for your body, they can also whiten your teeth. The vitamins in bananas have whitening effects when they're absorbed into your enamel. Just peel a banana and rub the inside of the skin over your teeth for 2 minutes. Remember to brush and rinse with mouthwash when you're done to avoid sugar lingering in your mouth. Again, use this method sparingly to avoid any adverse effects.

Assisting Apple Cider Vinegar Diluted apple cider vinegar can also be a powerful natural aid to your existing cleaning routine thanks to its natural whitening properties. Being a fruit vinegar, it's naturally high in acids -- so use it as sparingly as bananas and strawberries. Dilute your apple cider vinegar with water at a 1:3 ratio and mix it with toothpaste, and then brush your teeth as usual. Follow up with regular toothpaste and mouthwash as above to prevent damage. After a few weeks of intermittent use, you should see positive results.