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Hello! My name is Den. This blog is going to cover a range of dental topics. I am not a dentist or a dental nurse but I have recently undergone a lot of dental treatment. This treatment has given me a great insight into the world of dentistry and I would like to share everything I have learnt with you here. Last year, I developed terrible pain in my mouth. I was diagnosed with severe tooth decay. The dentist removed the problem teeth and then inserted false ones in their place. He also whitened my teeth to improve my smile. I hope you find my blog useful.


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Self-Care: 3 At-Home Dental Treatments

by Myrtle Banks

While it is very important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups, you may also be wondering if you can make your own oral hygiene and pain relief products at home for use between appointments or when you cannot get to a dentist because it is the weekend or a national holiday. Below is a guide which will help you to make your own dental remedies at home.

Tooth Whitening

If you want to improve the look of your smile, why not have a go at making a homemade tooth whitening paste? These can be just as effective as over-the-counter solutions, and everything you need can be found in your kitchen cupboards. All you need is some lemon juice and baking soda.

Simply add some lemon juice to a cup of baking soda until it forms a thick paste. Brush your teeth to ensure they are clean. Then rinse your toothbrush and use it to apply the baking soda and lemon paste to your teeth. Gently brush your teeth as you would using normal toothpaste and then rinse. The abrasive action of the baking soda and lemon should help to lift stains from the surface of your teeth.

Pain Relief

If you have a toothache, it can drive you around the bend. If you do not like taking medication or you cannot get to a dentist, you can try adding a drop of clove oil to a cotton ball and applying it to the affected tooth. This will help to relieve any pain and swelling.


Using mouthwash is a great weapon in the war against tooth decay. This is because it helps to remove plaque which has built up on the surface of your teeth. While the mouthwash you buy in the store is effective, it also often contains ethanol. Studies have shown that mouthwashes which do not contain ethanol are better for your oral health. Making a homemade mouthwash is easy.

All you need to do is fill a cup with warm water and then add a teaspoon of salt. Once the salt has dissolved, rinse the solution around your mouth and then spit it out. Be careful not to swallow the solution as this could make you sick. The salt solution will help remove plaque and also kill bacteria in your mouth.

While home remedies can be a great way of maintaining your dental health, they should not replace regular visits to your dentist.