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Hello! My name is Den. This blog is going to cover a range of dental topics. I am not a dentist or a dental nurse but I have recently undergone a lot of dental treatment. This treatment has given me a great insight into the world of dentistry and I would like to share everything I have learnt with you here. Last year, I developed terrible pain in my mouth. I was diagnosed with severe tooth decay. The dentist removed the problem teeth and then inserted false ones in their place. He also whitened my teeth to improve my smile. I hope you find my blog useful.


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What Kind Of Toothpaste Should You Use?

by Myrtle Banks

Choosing the right toothpaste can be tricky as there are so many options available in the market today. In addition, it is important to think about your specific oral health needs before deciding on the kind of toothpaste you will buy. Should you buy tartar control, whitening or fluoride? The right paste or gel can help you improve your oral hygiene and prevent stains, cavities, gum pain, and other more serious dental problems. However, it's hard to differentiate the various types of paste available in the market. Take a look at these significant differences to help you choose the best toothpaste for you:

1. Whitening Toothpaste

Toothpaste for teeth whitening has abrasive chemicals that effectively remove stains and polish your teeth. To get a whiter, brighter smile, you should look for a whitening toothpaste that contains silicone abrasives. This toothpaste is safe, and you can use it on a daily basis.

2. Sensitivity Toothpaste

Some other kinds of toothpaste are made specifically to help with sensitive teeth. These types contain either strontium chloride or potassium nitrate to provide relief and reduce tooth sensitivity. Therefore, if you have sensitive teeth, for instance, those that are easily irritated by cold or hot temperatures, consider buying sensitivity toothpaste.

3. Fluoride Toothpaste

When choosing toothpaste to buy, the most important ingredient to look for is fluoride. Fluoride is a dental-friendly natural mineral and is very important to your dental health. It helps in preventing cavity and tooth decay. It also strengthens your tooth enamel and protects your teeth from acids by reversing the early stages of acid damage. Dentists recommend using fluoride toothpaste and avoiding toothpaste that does not contain this mineral. You should look for the toothpaste that has over 1,450 ppm fluoride.

4. Toothpaste For Tartar Control

When bacteria accumulate in the mouth, they lead to the formation of a layer called plaque. This layer can be removed by brushing regularly and flossing daily. If the plaque is not effectively removed, it hardens into a hard-to-remove substance called tartar which can cause gum disease. Although it is hard to remove tartar at home, you can prevent its build up by using toothpaste that is designed for tartar control. Such kinds of toothpaste contain antibacterial chemical compounds such as zinc citrate, and antiplaque agents to prevent tartar from building up. Therefore, if you want to avoid tartar buildup, this kind of toothpaste will help you.

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